Workshop Ideas

We have many workshop ideas available! Here are a few of the workshops we have presented in past years.

For Dancers:

Contra Dance History (can be a dance workshop or a sit-down session with audio examples)
Contras from Scratch (a quick-start session to get novice campers up to speed)
Contras with Square Dance Moves
Contras Worth the Challenge
Dances I Learned From Ralph Page
Elegant Squares and Contras
The First Modern Contras
Great Choreography
Hot Squares and Cool Contras
Lancers and Other Elegant Dances
Modern Contra Classics
No Squares, No Contras (dances in other formations: mixers, progressive circles, 4 face 4, other shapes)
Rod’s Quads (double squares, two couples on a side)
Squares of the 1950s (the golden age of creative square dance choreography)
A Walk Down Memory Lane (listening – or even dancing – to recordings of past calling greats)

For Callers:

Dance Programming – Choosing the Right Stuff
One-Night Stands – Calling for Non-Dancers
Square Dance Calling for Contra Callers
Your Voice – How to Use It and Care for It